Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years you have probably heard about podcasts. There are some really great ones out and about covering a large rang of topics so i though i would share the ones i like to listen to.

Podhammer would have to be my favorite podcast. With a great host in Jeff and excellent support in Matt, Dave and the other Newie Boyz, Podhammer looks at the Oz warhammer scene and provides a lot of humor along the way. This podcast got me in to warhammer fantasy.

The D6 Generation
Russ Wakelin, Craig Gallant and Raef 'Insert Moniker' Granger do a stellar job on this general gaming pod cast. They cover everything From computer games and board games though to Games Workshop and Privateer Press.

Worlds End Radio
Luke and JJ do a nice Games workshop centric Podcast out of Perth with a lot of time put towards the specialist games like Blood Bowl.

And a mention to some others i have listened to.

These guys have been at it since 2005 and that was when i started listening to them, but after 100 or so episodes it started to get stale for me so i havnt had a listen for a while. For those that play Warmachine and Hordes its worth checking out.

Bad Dice
Uk warhammer, Quite interesting to see how things go down over there.

Only one episode so far but it was pretty good. Another Uk warhammer podcast.

Well i hope people can find something interesting in all that. I was quite supprised to see that the PodThralls were still going when i went to check out if they were or not.


  1. I'd heard of Podhammer but only listened to them for first time today, damn good

  2. Yeah man, lot of good stuff and very relevant to the Nz warhammer tournament scene.

  3. the language is certainly colourful I had to turn the volume down as I was listening at work

  4. haha, I should have put a not work safe tag on it.

  5. Hey Caleb whats your email address - John