Monday, May 18, 2009

Runefang Completed

Well runefang has been and gone and i have to say i had 5 great games of warhammer against 5 great opponents.

My resuilts went:
Game 1 Vs Orge Kingdoms: 10-10 draw, I mucked up my deployment badly and am disappointed that this game wasnt a win. I dont think i would have won this game by much because Graeme played a good game but think i could have got an 11 or 12 out of it.

Game 2 Vs Orcs and Goblins: 10-10 draw again, Not much to say about this game apart from Ben could guess distance with his rock lobbers like a god, both blowing up on turn 3 was very fortunate for me.

Game 3 Vs Vampire Counts: 13-7 a win, this game was very much a stand off. One unit of Knights chasing wraiths around one side of the table. Other side things eyed each other up for 4 turns. Last 2 turns i got my points from taking out all his Zombies and Skeletons.

Game 4 Vs Lizardmen: 7-13 a loss, first turn both fast cav units cant kill a terradon with their throwing axes and the accompanying sorcerers fail to kill any as well next turn the 3 terradons take out a unit of fast cav which annoyed me. Last turn of the game knights cut sick on the temple guard with slaan and scar-vet in the unit, My bsb in the knights kills the scar-vet the knights kill about 7 temple guard which left 1 who because of the slann was was stubborn and past his break test. If i had killed the last temple guard it would have got me just under 1000pt which would have given me a 13 of 14 win.

game 5 Vs Woodelves: 7-13 a loss again, the worst match up for my army. I think i played a good game but dont think i was aggressive enough, i was eying 10 Bp to make it fifty for the tournament. Made one mistake by moving my line of warriors more than 6 inches from the side of the table they were guarding and his wildriders snuck though for a charge which cost me 330 or so points.

I enjoyed the Tourniment and was very happy with my placing of 11th (yay for soft scores). If i had won game 4 instead of the loss i would have missed the woodelves, probably would have been a harder army but almost any thing would have been better that woodies.

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