Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving house WTF!!!

Moving this weekend so i may be with out internet for a a few days starting from Saturday, BOOOO!!!!. Now hopefully the internet getting changed over wont take to long but these things have a way of getting dragged out. It is quite annoying timing to have this happen now being i will need my e-mail for organizing things being runefang is the weekend after (16th-17th) so ill have to make daily trips to my parents to use there internet.
On the plus side i will now have a gaming room, which is the awesome. So after Runefang i shall be building a gaming table which is something i have wanted to do for a while.


  1. Ah a gaming room - I remember having one of those before my daughter took it over... I might have to visit you and try it out sometime

  2. Might be a while before its fully funtional but when it is its going to be great having a place at home to game.