Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years you have probably heard about podcasts. There are some really great ones out and about covering a large rang of topics so i though i would share the ones i like to listen to.

Podhammer would have to be my favorite podcast. With a great host in Jeff and excellent support in Matt, Dave and the other Newie Boyz, Podhammer looks at the Oz warhammer scene and provides a lot of humor along the way. This podcast got me in to warhammer fantasy.

The D6 Generation
Russ Wakelin, Craig Gallant and Raef 'Insert Moniker' Granger do a stellar job on this general gaming pod cast. They cover everything From computer games and board games though to Games Workshop and Privateer Press.

Worlds End Radio
Luke and JJ do a nice Games workshop centric Podcast out of Perth with a lot of time put towards the specialist games like Blood Bowl.

And a mention to some others i have listened to.

These guys have been at it since 2005 and that was when i started listening to them, but after 100 or so episodes it started to get stale for me so i havnt had a listen for a while. For those that play Warmachine and Hordes its worth checking out.

Bad Dice
Uk warhammer, Quite interesting to see how things go down over there.

Only one episode so far but it was pretty good. Another Uk warhammer podcast.

Well i hope people can find something interesting in all that. I was quite supprised to see that the PodThralls were still going when i went to check out if they were or not.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chaos Sorcerers on Steeds of Slaanesh

I really wish i had taken some pics before i started painting them but i couldnt find the camera. I think they are the most interesting models in my army so wanted to share what they look like. That and i wanted to try and upload some pics.

Used the legs and steeds from the Slaanesh lord kit, torsos from chaos knight plastic kit and arms heads Staffs/wands form both types of marauder kits. Will post more pics when finished.

2250 Vs Emo Elves with 100% more Dragon

So after runefang i asked Doug to bring down his DE with lord on dragon. I hadnt faced one at runefang (there was only one there) and had kind of wanted to just to see what they were like.

So Doug's Army had
lord on dragon
2x lvl2 mages
Block of 25 spearmen with war banner
2x Xbowmen (one of 10 the other of 20)
Cold one chariot
5 Cold one knights
10 Black guard
2x Bolt throwers
5 Harpies
5 dark rides

Mine was similar to my rune fang list but dropped the book of secrets and a magic lvl from one mage to get some bounds, i also droped my orges for another knight in each unit. There was some other changes but i cant remember what exactly.

Doug deployed his 2 bolt throwers on a hill with his unit of 10 Xbowmen in between black guard and CoC on one flank CoK's and the thin purple line of Xbowmen with the spears behind.

My army was deployed mainly opposite his with the Fast cav elements on the flanks and dogs hiding behind terrain ready to claim table quarters.

I had first turn so i employed something i learned at runefang, dont try and be too clever with the knights. So strait ahead they went followd by the rest of may army.

In Dougs turn his CoC failed stupidity and ambled forward in to charge range of my knights, in moved the harpies to try and stop the knights charge. He then kill a few thigs with shooting.

My turn rolls around and my knights cant charge because of harpies but my bsb could so he charges out and swats at the chariot with his flail and it falls apart as they tend to do when faced with S7 in the center my chariot charges his CoKs which dosnt flee due to doug wanting to see if they could take it(turns out they cant but it takes a few turns i also had 6 impact hits). My magic and shooting was great this turn and did what its in the army to do. On one side it makes the harpies flee an the other it wipes out the dark riders (Breath of corruption and blood curdling roar are so worth their points on a fast cav characters).

Seeing things starting to go pear shaped the dragon springs in to action and breathes on some fast cav killing a few. The black guard mov up and show their flank to one unit of knight knowing if they hold on stubbbon Ld9 they will strike first in following rounds and wont be wiped out in two turns. Shooting and magic pick off a few more guys.

My turn 3 and things are looking good my knights in the center charge his big unit of xbowmen who stand and shoot killing 1 by this stage the knight unit is down to 3 plus my general hey brake the xbowmen and over run in to the spears. My magic takes down both enemy mages.

About this stage we take a break and talked about how the battle was going which was quite interesting.

So anyways, the dragon moves in to position to get a rear charge on my knights and breahes on the marauder block killing 5, the chariot finishes off the CoKs, my bsb takes a bolt though the chest and dies and one of my mages dies in a hail of Xbow bolts. Then the knights unleash into the spearmen but cant kill enough the spearmen kill one in return and the knights break with spearmen in hot pursuit due to hatred.

My knights rally and turn to face the pears again .Since finishing off the CoKs my chariot slams into the side of the spearmen dishes out some wounds but not enough to counter there SCR of 5 and promptly flees. The other unit of knights finish chopping up the black guard.

Then the dragon started to do some real damage and charges the unit of knights that just rallied the general steps up to challange and gets cut down my knights flee again and are rundown by the dragon. The spears turn to face my chaos warrriors.

My remaining unit of knights charge the xbowmen on the hill who flee off the table. my Warriors keep going towards the spearmen.

Dragon moves back in to position to make more charges and kills a few more marauders with his offensive breath, the last few xbowmen take out a couple more.

The warriors hit the spearmen and run them down, knights chase a bolt thrower off the table, chariot rallies.

In the final act of the game dragon rear charges my chaos warriors who break from the combat and are cut down.

End result i was up by about 300 VPs (thank god for those 30 pt hound units) Doug had 7 models on the table one of them his lord on a dragon carrying 2 banners, I had 25 left all up 4 knights, 9 marauders, 1 mage on steed of slaanesh, chariot, and 3 units of 5 hound holding a quarter each. I enjoyed the game and think i played a reasonably good game and stopped the dragon getting charges on my easier to kill units early in the game.

Ah New Colours

Just to make the page look more interesting. Also the same colours as my army.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Runefang Completed

Well runefang has been and gone and i have to say i had 5 great games of warhammer against 5 great opponents.

My resuilts went:
Game 1 Vs Orge Kingdoms: 10-10 draw, I mucked up my deployment badly and am disappointed that this game wasnt a win. I dont think i would have won this game by much because Graeme played a good game but think i could have got an 11 or 12 out of it.

Game 2 Vs Orcs and Goblins: 10-10 draw again, Not much to say about this game apart from Ben could guess distance with his rock lobbers like a god, both blowing up on turn 3 was very fortunate for me.

Game 3 Vs Vampire Counts: 13-7 a win, this game was very much a stand off. One unit of Knights chasing wraiths around one side of the table. Other side things eyed each other up for 4 turns. Last 2 turns i got my points from taking out all his Zombies and Skeletons.

Game 4 Vs Lizardmen: 7-13 a loss, first turn both fast cav units cant kill a terradon with their throwing axes and the accompanying sorcerers fail to kill any as well next turn the 3 terradons take out a unit of fast cav which annoyed me. Last turn of the game knights cut sick on the temple guard with slaan and scar-vet in the unit, My bsb in the knights kills the scar-vet the knights kill about 7 temple guard which left 1 who because of the slann was was stubborn and past his break test. If i had killed the last temple guard it would have got me just under 1000pt which would have given me a 13 of 14 win.

game 5 Vs Woodelves: 7-13 a loss again, the worst match up for my army. I think i played a good game but dont think i was aggressive enough, i was eying 10 Bp to make it fifty for the tournament. Made one mistake by moving my line of warriors more than 6 inches from the side of the table they were guarding and his wildriders snuck though for a charge which cost me 330 or so points.

I enjoyed the Tourniment and was very happy with my placing of 11th (yay for soft scores). If i had won game 4 instead of the loss i would have missed the woodelves, probably would have been a harder army but almost any thing would have been better that woodies.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sadly i will not be able to go to nicon in the lovely Hawkes Bay, its too close to exams and i dont think Sarah will let me.
It is also using a strange comp system based on the percentage of Core in your list. So you need 50% of you army to be core not to take a hit and for every 1% less then 50 is a hit of 2 points out of 90. My runefang army for example would lose 34 points because only 33% is core, then i would lose another 4 Points because of the tier which WoC sit on. My score would be 52/90 which counts for 30% of my tournament score so about 17%.
Im not really a big fan of this because nothing other the amount of core and type of army effect you comp. Which means things like 3 vamps with lord of the dead and other very powerful things wont get much of a penalty if they have a good amount of core.

Maybe ill get to a call to arms but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Moving house WTF!!!

Moving this weekend so i may be with out internet for a a few days starting from Saturday, BOOOO!!!!. Now hopefully the internet getting changed over wont take to long but these things have a way of getting dragged out. It is quite annoying timing to have this happen now being i will need my e-mail for organizing things being runefang is the weekend after (16th-17th) so ill have to make daily trips to my parents to use there internet.
On the plus side i will now have a gaming room, which is the awesome. So after Runefang i shall be building a gaming table which is something i have wanted to do for a while.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of War!

I've be trying to decide what army to collect next. I have been enjoying the Warriors of Chaos but like a bit of variety so what better way to do that then have two completely different armies to choose from. For those that don't know Dogs of War are are from 6th edition(well more like 5th)the pdfs for the army were hosted on the GW Australian website until earlier this year when the oz website was brought in line with the UK, US websites etc. But even tho the pdfs are no longer available from GW you can still find them online, and the army is still usable in the Australasian tournament scene.

DoW are a flexible army with a large variety of units from the basic pike and crossbow units to the regments of renown like Long Drongs Slayer Pirates. The army is not very strong compared the main WHFB armies due to the fact that they only have access to the common magic items and some units seem over costed, but you can make competitive lists. Also they have access to lots of the orge kingdom units like maneaters, bulls etc.

So the army i plan to make is going to be somw thing like this:

1 Hireling Wizard Lord
General; Barding; Magic Level 4; Dispel Scrollx2; Power Stone; Talisman of Protection
1 Warhorse

1 Hireling Wizard
Barding; Magic Level 2
1 Warhorse

1 Paymaster
Barding; Heavy Armour; Sword of Might; Enchanted Shield
1 Warhorse

The 3 human characters will probable be made from empire models. I think the two mages are a better option then a mercenary general and scroll caddy especially since i have Asarnil to be a choppy Character.

1 Asarnil the Dragonlord
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Amulet of Dragonheart
1 Deathfang

High elves dragon kit here its a nice looking kit and he is an elf. What can i say 9 S6 attacks on the charge and a flying terror causer, SWEET! I have wanted a dragon for a while but it would have probably considered over the top in a WoC Army.

22 Pikemen
Pike; Standard; Musician; War Banner; 1 Champion

Fight in 4 ranks and static res of 5 or 6, paymaster and lvl4 in her i think at least till just before the fight has joined anyway then the mage will probably just try to avoid stuff. Just going to use empire spearmen to start with will probably find something to extend the spears to make pikes.

8 Duellists

8 Duellists

10 Crossbowmen
Crossbow; Musician

These three units will be made from empire Militia. Ranged attacks and guys to protect the flanks.

5 Light Cavalry
Normal Bow; Shield; Musician

May have to kit bash pistoliers and Militia. In here to annoy heavy cav, hit artillery and just be annoying.

3 Maneaters (heavy armour)
Ogre Club; Brace of Handguns; Heavy Armour

3 Maneaters (heavy armour)
Ogre Club; Brace of Handguns; Heavy Armour

A kit bash again from Orge bulls and handguns from the militia. These guys are the heavy hits with the hand guns used as pistols they fire 2 shots each needing 4+ to hit even at long range and moving. In combat they can dish out 5 S5 attacks each.

1 Cannon
3 Cannon Crew

Empire cannon what else. Sniper cannon well thats the plan anyway.

Casting Pool: 8
Dispel Pool: 5
Models in Army: 68

So far i have 8 duelists. Next up box of militia to get the Xbowmen and more duelists.