Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of War!

I've be trying to decide what army to collect next. I have been enjoying the Warriors of Chaos but like a bit of variety so what better way to do that then have two completely different armies to choose from. For those that don't know Dogs of War are are from 6th edition(well more like 5th)the pdfs for the army were hosted on the GW Australian website until earlier this year when the oz website was brought in line with the UK, US websites etc. But even tho the pdfs are no longer available from GW you can still find them online, and the army is still usable in the Australasian tournament scene.

DoW are a flexible army with a large variety of units from the basic pike and crossbow units to the regments of renown like Long Drongs Slayer Pirates. The army is not very strong compared the main WHFB armies due to the fact that they only have access to the common magic items and some units seem over costed, but you can make competitive lists. Also they have access to lots of the orge kingdom units like maneaters, bulls etc.

So the army i plan to make is going to be somw thing like this:

1 Hireling Wizard Lord
General; Barding; Magic Level 4; Dispel Scrollx2; Power Stone; Talisman of Protection
1 Warhorse

1 Hireling Wizard
Barding; Magic Level 2
1 Warhorse

1 Paymaster
Barding; Heavy Armour; Sword of Might; Enchanted Shield
1 Warhorse

The 3 human characters will probable be made from empire models. I think the two mages are a better option then a mercenary general and scroll caddy especially since i have Asarnil to be a choppy Character.

1 Asarnil the Dragonlord
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Amulet of Dragonheart
1 Deathfang

High elves dragon kit here its a nice looking kit and he is an elf. What can i say 9 S6 attacks on the charge and a flying terror causer, SWEET! I have wanted a dragon for a while but it would have probably considered over the top in a WoC Army.

22 Pikemen
Pike; Standard; Musician; War Banner; 1 Champion

Fight in 4 ranks and static res of 5 or 6, paymaster and lvl4 in her i think at least till just before the fight has joined anyway then the mage will probably just try to avoid stuff. Just going to use empire spearmen to start with will probably find something to extend the spears to make pikes.

8 Duellists

8 Duellists

10 Crossbowmen
Crossbow; Musician

These three units will be made from empire Militia. Ranged attacks and guys to protect the flanks.

5 Light Cavalry
Normal Bow; Shield; Musician

May have to kit bash pistoliers and Militia. In here to annoy heavy cav, hit artillery and just be annoying.

3 Maneaters (heavy armour)
Ogre Club; Brace of Handguns; Heavy Armour

3 Maneaters (heavy armour)
Ogre Club; Brace of Handguns; Heavy Armour

A kit bash again from Orge bulls and handguns from the militia. These guys are the heavy hits with the hand guns used as pistols they fire 2 shots each needing 4+ to hit even at long range and moving. In combat they can dish out 5 S5 attacks each.

1 Cannon
3 Cannon Crew

Empire cannon what else. Sniper cannon well thats the plan anyway.

Casting Pool: 8
Dispel Pool: 5
Models in Army: 68

So far i have 8 duelists. Next up box of militia to get the Xbowmen and more duelists.


  1. Oh freaking nasty - you do realise you can take Dogs of War armies to NICON 2009

  2. Yeah but it wont be ready for a while, the tax man dosnt like me at the moment. And i dont think my sarah would let me go to nicon so close to exams. Maybe for a call to arms.