Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sadly i will not be able to go to nicon in the lovely Hawkes Bay, its too close to exams and i dont think Sarah will let me.
It is also using a strange comp system based on the percentage of Core in your list. So you need 50% of you army to be core not to take a hit and for every 1% less then 50 is a hit of 2 points out of 90. My runefang army for example would lose 34 points because only 33% is core, then i would lose another 4 Points because of the tier which WoC sit on. My score would be 52/90 which counts for 30% of my tournament score so about 17%.
Im not really a big fan of this because nothing other the amount of core and type of army effect you comp. Which means things like 3 vamps with lord of the dead and other very powerful things wont get much of a penalty if they have a good amount of core.

Maybe ill get to a call to arms but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.


  1. Yeah taking another look at it the points system is a bit screwy. So I might take my Dwarfs as I can max out core units really easily. What are you studying for?

  2. Yeah dwarfs could be quite good under this comp.
    I think you just have to accept that your comp score wont be good because no one elses will be ether. And if they do get good comp there army wont be to hard to beat.
    But with dwarfs you could get good comp and play for minor win/draw every game and possibly win the tourney.