Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painted Sorcerers and Warshrine

Now that my exams are over and done with i can post on here again with out felling guilty.

My sorcerers and warshrine are the center pieces of my WoC army and while im not a very technical painter they look good on the table top.


  1. Looking good mate. Where did you get the big Undivided Icon on the back of the Shrine?

  2. I made it out of twist ties(those litte plastic coated wire things), paper clips and green stuff.
    Basicly i striped the plastic off 10 or so twist ties and twisted them together to make a wire about 15 cm long which i then bent in to a circle and twisted the wires at the join together. Which i then covered in green stuff and let set.
    Then i drilled holes though the circle to to put the paper clips though for the middle spoke things and left a bit on the out side of the circle then i put green stuff around the spokes and let set then put green stuff over the bits of paper clip on the out side of the circle to make the spikes.

    i hope you can follow that, it was quite fun to make and i think looks quite good.