Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MK 2

So I have had a brief look at the new warmahine rules and have to say so far i am not really impressed. The first thing that i noticed was they made battles effectively bigger (a lot bigger). They have done this in the new point cost system. Going by the new rules a standard battle appears to be 50pts, i say this because it seams to be 50pts per warcaster tho it is never specifically stated but you need to be playing 100pts for 2 or 150pts for 3. Of course you can play as many pts as you want with how ever number of warcasters in friendly games those are the levels in the new book. Now you could just think 50pts must be the same as 500 in the old system which is what i was thinking at first as well, but the amount of stuff you get on the table for 50pts is ridiculous. For exampe

50pts khardor
Vlad, the dark prince +5 pts
2*Destroyers 20pts
Behemoth 13pts
Doomreaves 6pts
Ifp(10) 8pts
Ifp officer & standard 2pts
Widow Makers 4pts
Man hunter 2pts

Under the old rules this was 805pts
If 50pts is standard i think it will be a shame, war machine is touted as a fast paced game but i always found the game bogged down to much after the 500pt mark due to the fact it is a skirmish game where models are moved individually and model placement and facing is key(something which doesnt seem to have changed).

The next thing is the idea of less on the cards. While this is not a bad idea its also not really true. There is less writing on the cards but now there are little pictures which stand for rules (the general game rules) so pathfinder, combined ranged attack etc. Now this doesnt worry me but i think it is just as easy to say what rules the model has on the front of the cards(like it always has), and then dont write up the the common rules on the back just list the name(and a reference page if you really want).

Right now get out a warrior unit card any of the 3 versions that have been released.
Look on the back see where it says leader but dosnt say what the rule is. This is what they should do instead of silly little pictures to remember.

There is a lot more i could talk about but it shall wait till i have had a game.

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