Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The comp system

Now im quite new to the game and have no first hand experience with the comp systems, which is why im writing it. I want to put my thoughts on here so i can come back and have a look after runefang to see what i think of comp and how well it works.

Panel Based Tier:
Thankfully Runefang is panel marked because if it was player marked i would have no real idea on what sort of marks to give.
Tier comp sets each army on a diffrent level as below.

Tier 1 (base score 2.5):

Vampire Counts

Tier 2 (base score 3.0):

Daemons of Chaos, Dark Elves

Tier 3 (base score 3.5):

Bretonnians, Wood Elves

Tier 4 (base score 4):

Empire, High Elves, Tomb Kings, Lizardmen, Warriors of Chaos, Skaven

Tier 5 (base score 4.5):

Dwarfs, Dogs of War, Orcs & Goblins, Chaos Dwarfs

Tier 6 (base score 5.0):

Beasts of Chaos, Ogre Kingdoms

There are 6? judges who each mark your list and give it a mark out of 5(note it is not possible for some armys to score 5). To get the mark out of 5 they start with the armies tier mark(4 for WoC) then modify the tier mark on their opinion of how hard or soft the army list is. The 6 marks are then added up to give you a mark out of 30, for example judge 1 gives 4, 2 gives 3, 3 gives 3, 4 gives 4, 5 gives 4, 6 gives 4, when the scores are combined this would be 22/30. Comp is worth 30% of your total touney score. or at least it is worth 30% at runefang.

The one problem with the tier system is that no one can really agree on what a standard list is which would receive a base tier mark for the individual armies.

With comp being worth 30% and battle points being 40% at runefang a bad comp score will put pretty much stop you from winning. Which does not worry me in the slightest with a tier 4 army that and the fact i dont really have a chance of winning!

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