Thursday, April 2, 2009

750 at the club

So i had 2 750pt games tonight. First game was against Richard and his VC the list i used was:
1 Exalted Hero of Slaanesh @ 155 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Chaos Armour
Enchanted Shield [15]
1 Steed of Slaanesh @ [0] Pts

5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh @ 96 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Throwing Axes; Light Armour; Musician
5 Warhorse @ [0] Pts

5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh @ 96 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Throwing Axes; Light Armour; Musician
5 Warhorse @ [0] Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

5 Chaos Knights of Slaanesh @ 240 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Barding; Ensorcelled Weapons; Chaos Armour; Shield;
Standard; Musician
5 Barded Chaos Steed @ [0] Pts

1 Chaos Chariot of Slaanesh @ 130 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh
2 Chaos Steed @ [0] Pts
2 Chaos Warrior Crew @ [0] Pts
Halberd; Heavy Armour

His army was konrad + a lvl2 vamp(which was his general) block of skeletons 10 gouls 3 sprithosts. The chariot pretty much won this game for me by itself. It and the exalted charged the the gouls and wiped them out the chariot over ran into the skellies and in the combat there killed 5-6 skellies with impact and killed konrad and another skelly with its attacks in the first round. over the following rounds wiped out the unit. While this was going on the knights took care of the sprits.

the Next game was against John and his Highelves. His army was a mounted noble with lance unit of 5 Dragon princes 5 silverhelms 10 archers 2 units of 6 sword masters.
I swaped the exalted with the sorcerer below who had 2 magic missiles.

1 Chaos Sorcerer of Slaanesh @ 155 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Magic Level 1; Chaos Armour
Enchanted Shield [15]
Book of Secrets [25]
1 Steed of Slaanesh @ [0] Pts

The Chariot was MVP again by charging the silverhelms after they failed to catch the maruder horsemen. wiped them out after two rounds of combat (i rolled well for impacts and other attacks again) my turn after wiping out the Silver helms it got a flank charge on the Dp's it took out 1 from impacts and 2 from its other attacks then the dps fled. While all this happened the mage magicked the archers and killed them and some swordsmen. We called it there because the rest of the Swords masters could not catch my army which was manly intact.

I enjoyed both my games but i had some very good rolling on my side to night and they did not. I was very happy how the Sorcerer on the steed of slaan worked it was an idea that has been floating in my head for a while now but i hadnt used it on the table before. Next week 2250 (runefanglist) vs johns runefang list. Should be very interesting!

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